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An Official State of California Program
It's easier to stay connected with a California Phone.

There's a California Phone
that's right for you.

There are a wide variety of California Phones available. Many phone models offer a combination of specialized features. One of our Customer Advisors will help you choose the best phone for your individual needs. Please click here for more information about our phones and other equipment.

Big Buttons
It’s easier to see these buttons – so it’s much easier to dial your call.
Enhanced volume control makes it easy to hear almost every word of the conversation.
Flashing Light
Never miss another call – this phone features a red light that flashes for incoming calls.
CapTel phones allow you to read incoming conversation in text, plus have a moderately amplified handset to help conversations flow smoothly.
Picture Dial
It's not always easy to remember a number – but you never forget a face. Speed dialing is a snap with this phone.
  Speech Assist
CTAP offers a range of phones specially designed to address stuttering and other speech related issues.
It's not always easy to get to the phone in time. A handy portable phone that can be carried with you is the answer.

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